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Client Reviews

He’s a good lawyer I was looking at jail time but he got it to where I only got probation and house arrest for a few months. I highly recommend him for a criminal defense lawyer. He fights for his clients and that’s what I like about him because it’s hard to find a good attorney these days.


Joe was on a vacation in England when I had called with our situation. He returned my call immediately and started working on the case from abroad. Joe was transparent through the whole process with no false promises. When it came to the court room Joe showed his experience and it was impressive. I would highly recommend Attorney Joe D.Andria.


Great attorney did exactly what he said he would do and then some. Highly recommended !


Atty. D'Andrea handled my family's case with the utmost professionalism and we are very happy with the result. He kept us informed all the time. He was easy to reach when we needed him. If we didn't get him, HE CALLED US BACK! We didn't feel like one of one hundred clients. We felt like we were important and that gave all of us a great feeling, taking off a lot of stress. I loved the fact that he was very direct at getting his point across in the courtroom. He didn't just "lay down" and keep quiet . He is a fighter and he is the guy I am calling if I need a lawyer. He absolutely lived up to his reputation.


I cannot recommend Joseph D’Andrea enough! His expertise in criminal defense law is truly remarkable. My husband was facing a serious alleged felony charge, and I was incredibly stressed and worried about the outcome. From the moment I hired Joe, he provided me with unwavering support and guidance. His thorough understanding of the legal system, attention to detail, and strategic approach gave me confidence throughout the entire process. Joe meticulously investigated every aspect of my husband’s case, leaving no stone unturned. His dedication and commitment to my husband’s defense were evident from day one. He took the time to listen to my concerns, explain the legal jargon in a way I could understand, and ensure I was well-informed at every stage. Thanks to Joe's exceptional skills and expertise, he successfully had my husband’s alleged felony case dismissed. We are beyond grateful for his hard work and the positive outcome he achieved on our behalf. His professionalism, responsiveness, and ability to navigate complex legal issues were truly impressive. If you are in need of a top-notch criminal defense lawyer who will fight tirelessly for your rights, look no further than Joseph D’Andrea. He is a true advocate for his clients and will go above and beyond to achieve the best possible result. Thank you, Joe!


Joe is a lawyer I would highly recommend. I have used him several times because of his expertise in the court room. He listens to his client and can turn a bad situation into good.


Never being in trouble before like a lot of people I had no idea what to do and hired a terrible local attorney (GrahamShowalter) and what a mistake. Wasted thousands for an idiot that did nothing but try to get me a plea to something I was completely innocent of. When I knew it was going to trial I hired Joe on and from day one I knew I had a guy that was gonna fight for me, and when it came to the trial he embarrassed the DA and the lying cops and exposed it all for the jury to see. He knew the case in and out and humiliated the other side, it was like the 27 murders row Yankees vs a local softball team. Jury deliberated for less than an hr and I got my life back. I could have lost everything had it not been for Joe D’Andrea, if u hire Joe you got the best there is.

Zachary P.

Atty Joe D'Andrea cleans up the mess that others leave you with. He is very tough and will fight for a fair outcome. I would have been charged with a first degree assault that was reduced to a disorderly conduct thanks to Atty Joe. I would not hesitate to use him again right from the start!! I greatly appreciate his help.


Mr. D'Andrea is an exceptional lawyer! From the first time I talked to him on the phone to getting my case dismissed he is a lawyer that believes in his client. He was always in touch with me keeping me informed of my case. He is tough in the courtroom but is 100% professional. I would highly recommend him.


I received a call stating I had a warrant out and was being charged with a felony concealed carry without a license. Joe was referred to me by a friend that knew he was a great defense attorney. When I spoke with him the first time he was great, it was a Friday and they wanted me to turn myself in Monday. Joe took my case and met me Monday morning to surrender myself. He was very calm and reassuring during the whole process made everything seem less stressful. I was released on unsecured bail, and my preliminary hearing was scheduled. Joe and I spoke a few times on the phone prior to my preliminary hearing and planned to meet prior to the hearing. After we spoke he then met with the officer that pulled me over, they came to an agreement before I ever entered the building and Joe was able to get my felony charge lowered to a misdemeanor. I got three charges but no jail time or probation. I walk away with just fines and court cost! Best outcome!!


Mr D'Andreas when above and beyond to help me out of my situation to make sure justice was served great person to talk to to the time out to understand my situation completely.


There was nothing that joe couldn’t do or accept for my case and was a stand up good guy and great attorney to have,will never go to anyone else.


Joseph helped me with criminal matter and got charges dismissed quickly. Would highly recommend!


I would and will be recommending him. He really fights for his clients and is a man of his word!


From the 1st moment we spoke with Joe, he made us feel safe and unlike other attorney's he always told us the truth. Joe worked hard for almost 2 years and was always prepared and delivered everything he said he would. Joe came through for our family and we are forever grateful. He fights hard for his clients. You can trust Joe!


Joe took on my sons case when other lawyers told me there was no hope. Joe never promised to make it all go away, but always promised to fight for my son. He got some very serious charges dropped that could have sent my son away for a very long time upstate. Then when the judge re-sentenced my son on a previous charge that Joe had nothing to do with Joe fought for him. Joe got my sons re-sentenced charges better than what they were going to be. My family is forever grateful for Joe. Joe is straight forward. He will tell you what you need to do. He doesn’t sugar coat anything. He fights hard for his clients. He communicates with you and has the sweetest secretary that handles the multiple calls that I made to her with a tender heart. Joe is a part of the family now!


We needed a criminal lawyer for a very complicated situation… Joseph D’Andrea has resolved our case with the best (great) outcome, and my family is able now to move on with our lives … He responds very quickly and takes a personal approach to understand people… I highly recommend Joseph D’Andrea as a criminal attorney if you need to have the job efficiently done. He is an amazing attorney.


Joe was great from the beginning. He is attentive and works to get what you want. Pricey but Def worth the money if your looking for results. Wish i had him from the beginning.


Truly cannot recommend Attorney D’Andrea enough for his hard work and dedication in a difficult situation involving a loved one. He is a lawyer who you can confide in. He listens and puts himself in the shoes of his clients. He is stern, reliable, accurate, and trustworthy. All of the key aspects you need in a lawyer. We would recommend Attorney D’Andrea to anyone in need of an attorney to get the job done. We could not be more pleased with our experience.


Attorney D'Andrea was extremely knowledgeable and strategic in his planning and execution of my defense. From the beginning, he had a plan and we stuck to it completely through sentencing and the outcome was favorable. Attorney D'Andrea was confident when speaking on my behalf. I could not have asked for better representation during the most difficult time of my life. I would highly recommend Attorney D'Andrea.


Joe did a great job defending my case. He was there supporting me every step of the way when i needed him. He's trustworthy makes you feel like your important. If I could I would give him more stars for everything he has done for me and my family.


Joe was great! Gets down to business, help you understand the situation, and get the right best and right outcome. Great guy and will always appreciate joe and recommend him anytime to anyone.


Joe D'Andrea in one of the best legal investments I’ve ever made, he did a superb job with my case advising me on the steps I should take to benefit my DUI situation. He developed a well thought out strategy on how to manage my case to get the best possible outcome. Mr D'Andrea made sure I understood the process and he was very attentive throughout the case and was very proactive to make sure I got the best possible outcome. His professionalism and understanding of the local legal system is quite evident. In summary, he is confident, professional, proactive, compassionate and results oriented.


Very humble and great guy to work with. He listens to you and get the conclusion what’s great for you. Thanks Joe for your hard work. Can’t explain in words what you have done for me.


Today I was facing in the sentencing guide lines of 10-20 years in prison. My criminal back ground qualifies me for enhanced sentencing due to multiple prior convictions..( with the gravity score of a refel). When one hires and or retains representation in a pending criminal matter... There is no one that I would recommend more then Joseph DeAndrea... His presence alone has the special ability to dictate the effectiveness of controlling the outcome of a positive result, keeping in your best interest at hand...( your freedom). As I write this I could be incarcerated But I'm not. If this was any other attorney I believe I would be behind bars.. I'm not because the representation is the best with Joseph DeAndrea. Sincerely,


Joe made sure that first and foremost my own well being was taken care of before any legal matter. Joe was caring and extremely knowledgeable giving me a sense of comfort through out the case. I was kept informed the entire time and at no point was there a question left unanswered. At the end of the day I could not have asked for a better result to a case or a better lawyer to work with than Joe.


Mr. D’Andrea was an extremely valuable asset who first played a huge role in helping me get sober and second represented me all through the court process and managed to get me the best outcome of my situation. I’m extremely grateful for his experience and expertise. He is like Allstate. Ur in good hands with Mr. D’Andrea.


He took my small case with full enthusiasm and explained thoroughly what he was doing, and what he expected and my options. He got the absolute best outcome for me by doing so.


I found myself in an unfortunate legal matter at the end of January 2020. I made the mistake of hiring another so called attorney at that time , who did absolutely nothing but take my money and make the situation worse . THEN .. I sent a message on Joe’s website to ask a second opinion. He literally called me , at home , within the hour , 9pm at night . He set me up to see him in his office the next morning, gave me the free consultation and within the day I had terminated my relationship with the other lawyer and hired Joe !! At this time Covid was full swing and Joe had to literally start my case all over due to the mess it had become. I was horrified I was now looking at jail time !! I am the single mother of a 14 year old and still reeling from the loss of my son when this occurred. Joe approach to me was kind , considerate, empathetic, and caring . Frequently telling me “ stop crying honey it’s going to be ok “ I was kept constantly informed of progress either by email or phone call he was always available to me and always answered me back My court dates kept being postponed secondary to Covid but finally , over a year later —My day had come ! Not only did I NOT go to jail , my charges were reduced , minimal fine , and my reputation intact I’m so grateful beyond words !!! I have my life back thanks to Joe D’Andrea !!! Thank you , thank you , THANK YOU!!!


I hired Joseph to represent me. I live out of state and he made the process seamless. He always kept me informed of all stages of the process. Not only did I not have to travel 4 hours for a court date, but my case was dismissed. His staff is wonderful and exudes professionalism. Thank you Joseph and team.


So I caught a drug case in 2019 hired a lawyer from Philly had a lot to loose was doing good at the time of my arrest and continued too while out on bail that lawyer was laid of from his firm due to COVID but he had managed to knock all my drug charges down to a m3 paraphernalia but the DA refused to recommend anything and with my record that could have held a 1 to 2 upstate so I was recommended Joe bye a friend of mine so I set up a consultation and Joe did his thing was precise listens cared about who I was as a person and thought he could do better and he did very knowledgeable made me feel comfortable and prepared the whole way kept me informed and every move he was making which ended in the D.A not only recommending probation but immediate sentencing which got me no time couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer very professional.


I was set to be charged with several felonies but Joe got out on front of my case and these weapon related felonies were not included in the charges. The felony I was charged with,manufacture of a controlled substance, not an easy charge to a judge or D.A. to overlook, Joe convinced them to allow a plea down to a misdemeanor possession charge. If you need a criminal defense attorney Joe is who you want. He is confident and personable and puts you at ease immediately. He has been doing criminal defense for a long time and is well connected and respected. Upon first meeting him he told me how he expected my case to be resolved and it played out exactly as he said. If you need a criminal defense attorney you can do no better than Joseph D'Andrea.


Joe was an excellent attorney, very thorough responsive and answered any and all questions I had. I would not be where I am right now if it wasn’t for this genuine, hard fighting man. I can’t thank him enough for what he’s done for me. No questions asked I would call Joe for any of my legal needs. Thanks Joe!


I was charged with several violent offenses ranging from aggravated assault, battery, simple assault and strangulation. However, the worst charge was a felony one burglary, which was legally indefensible given the only witness to the crime testified in court. At first the assistant attorney general was unwilling to make a deal with my lawyer, Joe D'Andrea, nevertheless Joe persisted and simply stated the truth that I was under a severe psychosis and had a history of mental illness that should be taken into account. Although I'm not exactly sure how he did it, he convinced the judge presiding over my case to allow me to be brought to an in-patient rehabilitation center in Florida where I was given the proper treatment for my condition. With consistent therapy and a comprehensive medical protocol, I was then considered stable enough to return to my home state. After arriving home, I was ordered to serve house arrest, which is a far more advantageous outcome than fighting my charges from the county jail. After a little over a year of house arrest, Joe successfully liberated me from house arrest restoring some of my autonomy. Even though we are all afflicted by the pandemic, being able to leave my home at my leisure was an invaluable freedom and I'm grateful for having it returned to me. Finally, after 189 days of incarceration and over a year of house arrest the assistant attorney general and my lawyer's deal was accepted by the judge. Joe did a great job, he negotiated my aggravated assault down to a simple assault and got me out of jail despite some very grave charges. The burglary was unavoidable but the deal counted my time served of two years toward a seven year term of probation, instead of a potential five year plus sentence in a state penitentiary. With two and a half years of good behavior I can appeal for an early termination of my probation which is a goal of mine. There are other aspects of my probation like therapy, NA meetings and a strict adherence to being sober but this is all within my power to do. Considering all the damage done to my family, a good samaritan and myself, this is a great avenue for healing.


Joseph D'Andrea has been the best attorney in my defense that I could possibly ask for. Joseph effected a judgment that provided a track in which my offense could be expunged. I have witnessed Joseph completely tear down a law enforcement officer's testimony with expert interrogation which led to my acquittal. Joseph not only defended me. He gave me sound hard advice coupled with strict expectations of my improved behavior and actions. In short, Joseph is the complete package; an extremely skilled lawyer, one that fights hard to defend his client, and someone who guides you towards both positive legal and personal outcomes.


Joe was amazing after what felt like the longest year of my life of being falsely accused of a crime I did not commit. Joe stood up for me and had my Best interest and my job being put ahead of it all.


Respectful, helpful. Kept us apprised as the case proceeded forward. Very appreciative for his help.


Joe D'Andrea represented me on a federal court matter. Jail wasn't a possibility; but a probability. When all was said and done I only received a small fine. No jail. No probation. Joe was fantastic. The result was way beyond my expectations. No one works harder to protect your rights. Joe D'Andrea truly cares about his clients. I cannot say enough for what he did for me and my family. You will not find a better criminal lawyer out there.


Mr. D'Andrea handled my case on short notice and was absolutely incredible. He is confident and experienced and I would recommend him to anyone needing legal help.


Hiring my attorney Joseph D’Andrea was the best possible decision that I could have ever made! As soon as I had my first meeting with him, I just knew he was the right decision for me. He had my upmost best interest for my case. He kept me informed every step of the way throughout my case with no worries at all. I was honest, he was honest with me. When steps were happening with my case, he was so intense and fierce to his opponent, that I just felt secure with everything in my case. I had some more serious charges, in the end, they were dropped to a summary. I couldn’t ask for better attorney!! Highly recommend Joseph D’Andrea for representation.


My Lawyer fought and got me a second chance at life as I was a Juvenile Lifer arrested at age 16 and now being given a second chance due to My Lawyers hard work.

Norman G.

The help Joe D'Andrea has provided me has changed my life. He was calm yet fierce in the face of his opponents and he worked with to get one of the best possible outcomes I could have attained.


I Manuel hired Joe D’andrea as my attorney for drug trafficking I had huge case and was very scared while I was incarcerated he cane in with full confidence I told him the truth on everything (no lies will help he needs to know everything) and he got me out within a month on pre trial release and I was out for two years for him to do his job I patiently waited listened to everything he told me to do my case was a 10 year minimum and due to my preferred attorney I was able to walk away with 24 months and a chance for drug program that takes a year off he is amazing I hope I won’t ever have to use another attorney again but if I did he would be the first one to call and his price on whatever case it is is honestly very acceptable we all know we committed a crime and we all have consequences and most of us are not bad people just made a bad choice he does not judge you how you are he only works for the best of what you and your family needs I recommend don’t think twice on him just hire him if you need the help I know what I’m telling you HE is AMAZING!! I want to thank from the bottom of my heart and from my family our new attorney and new family friend Joe D’Andrea I could not be any happier with his work may GOD BLESS Him and his family.

Manuel E.

Joe is one of the best attorneys I have ever met. He kept me very informed when anything happened with my case and was with me and my family every step of the way. Joe is an absolute expert! Hiring Joe immediately removed the fear and uncertainty that came with facing potentially serious charges. He was able to attain a VERY favorable outcome for my case! If you need an absolute expert who will step up to the plate and fight for you, hire Joe!


When I was charged with a crime I did not know what to do where to turn who to ask it was so chaotic. Then I said wait let me call Joe D'Andrea. I knew he was a great criminal attorney what I didn’t know was that when he takes you as his client he will fight for you from the moment you hire him right until the very end!!! Joe D'Andrea is a wonderful human being he showed compassion and passion he had a fire and a drive to keep me motivated until we won our case. I can’t say enough about my attorney Joe D'Andrea he treated me like a son he fought everyday for me and there is no better feeling then to know and have attorney Joe D'Andrea in your corner fighting for your justice!!!!


Simply put, Joe D'Andrea is fantastic. He has successfully helped my family through both minor and major legal issues. He is a man of integrity, care and grit. I am proud and grateful to call him our attorney, our friend.


Got me the best deal on a DWI case!!! Will recommend it to anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jhon G.

He was extremely personable, displayed excellent knowledge and provided detailed feedback of the process I was going through. Could not asked for a better attorney to represent me.


I'm very happy and grateful for Hiring Mr. Joseph R. D'Andrea. He successfully negotiated a plea agreement at the hearing, that resulted in only a fine, with no loss of my driving privilege. After I was pulled over for a speeding violation, where they searched my rental car; and found under an ounce of marijuana, some "pot" brownies, and paraphernalia for smoking. If you need a miracle, this is the Attorney you want to hire.


Unbelievable representation. Attorney D'Andrea knew exactly how to handle my high profile NY Federal case including interaction and communication with federal law enforcement, district attorney, and judge. He was able to negotiate a settlement that beat all my expectations. I am sure that with any other attorney I would not get the outcome that was accomplished. I would use Attorney D'Andrea for any state or federal cases. He always protected all my rights. Thank you Joe!


Joe worked out a very satisfactory outcome on my case. and I would highly recommend him to anyone in a jam. He is well versed in the law and works hard, and cares deeply about his clients. I have no hesitation about endorsing him for anyone in need of an excellent advocate.


Attorney D’Andrea was an outstanding lawyer for me. He was extremely helpful and was always easily contacted whenever necessary. He went above and beyond to provide the best service he could. He handled everything in a professional manner and made me feel secure throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Attorney D’Andrea to anyone who is seeking legal advice.


Mr. D'Andrea is not only an expert on the law, but he is also a true humanitarian. I was a client of Mr. D'Andrea for eight months in total. He is gracious, kind, and passionate about helping you. He goes slow and thoroughly explains/teaches what you need to know to understand your case and all of the options you have available to you. He always made sure to answer any of my questions, and most times he would get back to me on the same day I called him; if not he would return my call within the next business day. He is much more than a master of his field, but rather an altruistic man who really wants you to succeed from the bottom of his heart. It would be a mistake not to choose and trust this man to guide you with his wisdom. He is the best!


Joe was able to get my case reduced to a minimal and may soon be expunged. Joe knows the DA and all of the DA office. He knows the judges, many other attorneys, and related people dealing with my case . I was very concerned going in, but through my legal defense, Joe put me at ease. Joe is a no nonsense attorney who will tell you what you need to know and when. I would use Joe's services again. Thanks.


Joe D'Andrea helped my parents press charges against me, had me put in jail, put me into lakawana county treatment court, and for all that I am grateful! In my specific situation it wasn't about getting me out of trouble or lessening my charges, it was about saving my life. Which at the time I didn't see, but Joe did! I have been sober for 4 1/2 years and I am extremely proud of myself and all I have accomplished. That being said, had Joe not helped my parents when they had exhausted all other options, I truly believe I would not be where I am today! He is a wonderful lawyer but more than that he is a wonderful person! I will never forget what he has done for me and my family!


Attorney D’Andrea met with me promptly to review and discuss the circumstances of the case. Through his demonstration of vast knowledge and strong communication skills he was able to advise the most appropriate action which lead to a very successful conclusion. I truly appreciate and value Attorney D’Andrea’s complete involvement.


Joe has actually helped me twice in the past 4 1/2 years, He was always very honest and upfront, and I liked that approach, Joe always had my best interest in mind. Whenever I had questions about what was happening or going on, he responded to me quickly and answered my questions. Joe has actually helped me turn my life around and for that I am grateful.


In a position where I feared jail time, Mr. D’Andrea did his best to keep me out. From haggling with the court to keep me updated on the case status, I always felt confident about my defense. Best lawyer in PA.


Excellent attorney, helped me out big time, was caught in a jam, made the process very smooth and simple, Thanks Joe!


Extremely thorough and helped me out immensely. Professional and very nice.


Joe is a great lawyer who made the legal process incredibly easy for me and my family during a stressful time in my life. Joe handled all of the work with professionalism and was available when I needed him. He has covered a multitude of cases around the country, which made me feel comfortable that my situation was met with the right decisions. He made the process very easy and I highly recommend him for any criminal case you may encounter.


Faced with a serious Federal legal issue, I was fortunate enough to connect with a relentless advocate in Joe D'Andrea. He guided and advised me from day one all the way to the best possible resolution. Today, years later, I am proud to call Joe a good friend, as well as a trusted attorney.


I hired Joe D'Andrea with no regrets! He communicated with me the whole year that I needed him. I highly recommend him. He is there for you!


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